Image of Leagues Apart - Brief Interviews With Hideous Men CD

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Leagues Apart - Brief Interviews With Hideous Men CD

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Brand New full length from Manchester's finest. Rough, drunk, melodic punk rock. Pre-order coming April 21st 1.Kat Dennings, You Are My Everest 02:23 2.In Spite Of It All 02:58 3.I Would Consider John Candy To Be A Noir Actor 03:46 4.Rampant Horse Is Rampant 03:03 5.I Thought You Meant Wales The Country 03:01 6.The Confessions Of Howard Campbell Jnr. 03:27 7.Winston Kingdom 02:01 8.Penelope Booze Cruz 02:53 9.I Was Born A Snake Handler, And I'll Die A Snake Handler 02:49 10.Dave, Can I Borrow Your Phone? 03:04 11.You're In Hell 03:41 12.To Know The Night Is To Live Forever